The element-i Bienenkorb child care centre was commissioned by the German health insurer formerly known as BKK (now BARMER) for the children of the staff in the building right next to their workplace. Care was also provided for a few “non-company” children. By funding this institution, BARMER demonstrates its support for the ability of parents to work and its willingness to accept responsibility beyond simple job-related matters.
The child care centre offers 17 places for children aged between six months and three years. Only ten places are available for children not associated with the company – and the primary place of residence of these children must be in Stuttgart.

The modern, bright rooms allow children to relate to all of the educators in the room directly. With the different designs of the areas and the adjacent outdoor play area, children have an environment that offers a diverse range of stimuli at their disposal. Children can enjoy stimulating experiences in small groups, but also have enough space to have some peace & quiet. The central location near the Vaihingen railway station allows for numerous outdoor activities in the nearby area.

The children are provided with complete, varied and healthy meals with fresh, seasonal and regional products prepared in the institution’s own kitchen.