The element-i child care centre Feuerseepiraten is a company child care facility of Wüstenrot & Württembergische but also offers publicly-available places. The child care centre is located in the west of Stuttgart, in Senefelderstrasse, nearby the lake Feuersee. The building offers a protected environment for 30 children with a variety of themed rooms and a cosy, shaded garden. This child care centre accepts children aged between six months and three years.

The different rooms at the child care centre offer the children the ability to develop freely in line with their interests. In the bulk space and Building Room the kids have the opportunity to gain some early experience with maths. They learn to gauge amounts and to understand the meaning of more and less, big and small through fun and engaging methods. The exercise room offers numerous mattresses and a ball pool to allow the little ones to let off steam. The mattresses are used to practice some basic gymnastics and the children have the opportunity to dance to music.

The young explorers have the opportunity to indulge their need to experiment in the big pool, allowing them for example to squeeze things, while water, foam and other materials encourage the children to experiment and be creative. The young crew of this pirate paradise can also get creative through role-playing, where they have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the grown-ups and imitate various adult situations.

The children have the opportunity to express themselves through their artistic skills in the Atelier, where they have free access to a variety of arts & crafts materials that they can use to stick, stamp and paint. These different areas are designed in line with the latest findings of educational research and to meet our work methods.