The element-i Technido child care centre is housed in a modern two-storey office complex in the Technology Park Karlsruhe. The Technido element-i child care centre includes a day care centre and a primary school, which work closely together for educational and organisational purposes. The child care centre offers 120 places for children aged between six months and ten years. All-day, half-day or flexible part-time care options are available.

All of the rooms are welcoming, brightly lit and generously sized. The inviting themed areas provide the children with the opportunity to gather experience and select between different activities.

Close partnerships with the SSC Karlsruhe sports club and the Fächerbad swimming facility ensure that children receive special support in terms of sporting activities. An attractive sports room also helps in this regard.

The cook is an important member of the team as they not only prepare the breakfast, lunch and snack each day, but also involve the children in their day-to-day work by speaking about nutrition and cooking.

Please register through the website of the City of Karlsruhe and through our own registration form when enquiring about a child care placement. This two-step process is unfortunately necessary. Thank you for your understanding. Registration site of the City of Karlsruhe