Grammar school at the Bildungshaus Karlsruhe

Upper school starts

In school year 2023/24, the first generations of element-i students in Karlsruhe will reach the upper school and from there follow their individual learning paths to the A levels. The learning concept prepared for them as well as learning house 11-13 are also based on the proven element-i educational philosophy. The guideline is the curriculum of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Students learn 

  • How to learn using the latest learning methods and coaching
  • With a focus on MINT
  • In project-oriented phases and with individual learning periods
  • In foreign-language teaching units (lessons are taught in French, English and possibly Spanish at times)
  • In a modern and new building

Our teachers accompany and advise students in shaping their personal and individual learning processes. As coaches, they provide targeted feedback on the performance level as well as guidance on self-organisation and the acquisition of learning strategies.

Individual learning periods allow students to find their own learning paths and to realise their own strengths and interests.

Project-oriented learning phases enable students to tackle the challenges of our time and to meet them with courage, a sense of responsibility and creativity. This learning format puts students on the trail of future issues that they have chosen for themselves. They develop innovative and concrete solutions and learn how they can change the world. Our orientation hereby are the 17 global goals (Goals Archive – The Global Goals) of the United Nations.

You can find out how this educational philosophy is applied in everyday school life here. 

Learning today what is important tomorrow 

The advancing digitisation changes our society and poses completely new challenges for adolescents. They must learn to act on their own responsibility and more than ever they need competences such as personal responsibility, self-organisation, creativity, technical understanding, tolerance of change and resilience for their future life and work.

We are therefore expanding our educational concept to include profile and special services, and the MINT focus is taking a look at future subjects like programming, the Internet and artificial intelligence.

Seminar course “Happiness”

Who am I? What do I need? What am I capable of? What do I want? In the seminar course “Happiness”, students work on their life skills to allot their own strengths and resources, to pursue visions and goals and to deal with defeats and obstacles. The ultimate goal is promoting the inner zest for life.

Admission requirements

Coming from a middle school:
Relevant subjects Ø at least C
Core subjects: German, Maths, English / 2x B 1x C
MS final examination in form 10

Coming from a community school:
M-level throughout
Relevant subjects Ø at least C
Core subjects German, Math, English 2x B 1x C
MS final examination in form 10
M-level throughout
Extended level in all subjects

Promotion to form 11
(promotion regulation for grammar school)

Coming from grammar school:
Relevant subjects Ø at least D
Core subjects (D, M, E) Ø at least D
Promotion regulation for grammar school (no core subject with F)

Form 9 grammar school at level 10/11 CS
Form 10 grammar school at level 11 CS (repeat)


School fees: 96 euros
Optional special and profile services for the element-i educational philosophy: 176 euros
Full board (breakfast, lunch and snack): 130 euros
Siblings receive a discount. We also award scholarships.

Admission procedure 

Please register for our waiting list using the green button below via TopKita. Participation in a parent information event is mandatory for admission to our school. You will receive all further information about the admission process during the parent information event.

We are obligated to point out that the educational programme is still in the approval process.

Healthy food from your own kitchen

Healthy nutrition is especially important for children, which is why all meals at the element-i Bildungshaus are prepared fresh daily by cooks in the in-house kitchen. We use seasonal and regional food as much as possible. The students of the all-day facility get a breakfast buffet in the morning, a hot meal at lunchtime and a snack in the afternoon.