Freie element-i Gemeinschaftsschule in the Bildungshaus Karlsruhe

Individual and interest-oriented

In the element-i school we encourage our students to pursue their personal interests and to bring them into the classroom, giving them the greatest possible freedom and setting the necessary limits that they need for optimal development.

In mixed-age, cross-year learning groups, each student can productively exploit their potential at their own pace. It is important to us that the individual strengths of the students benefit the community by learning with and from one another. Our students actively control their personal learning process with the help of learning conferences, weekly plan discussions and learning world maps. Our educators will accompany you and give you specific impulses, assistance and feedback on your performance level.

The MINT focus at the community school focuses on future topics such as programming, the Internet and artificial intelligence. In the arts subjects, we encourage the examination of art and culture. In addition, the students benefit from our bilingual concept. Especially for children and young people from other countries (e.g. children of expats) as well as gifted people, the subject matter is adapted to the respective level of knowledge.

Our success proves us right: every subject is offered at grammar school level and over 60 percent of our students reach this level.

Learn today what is important tomorrow

The advancing digitization is changing our society and presenting young people with completely new challenges. They have to learn to act independently and, more than ever, they need skills such as creativity, technical understanding, change tolerance and resilience for the future world of work. Because: Many will one day work in professions that do not yet exist today.

The Freie Gemeinschaftsschule (Community School) in the Bildungshaus Karlsruhe

The 6,850 m² property in Konrad-Zuse-Straße 11-13 on the northeastern edge of the Technologiepark Karlsruhe (TPK) offers a large school yard, a restaurant and, in cooperation with the SSC Karlsruhe, a diverse sports area in the immediate vicinity.

The state-approved community school is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is only closed for 25 days. A total of 670 children and young people are looked after and / or taught in the element-i Bildungshaus Karlsruhe. The upper school level will start in 2023.

For the community school, fresh and regional cooking is done every day. The students in the all-day facility receive a breakfast buffet in the morning, warm food at lunchtime and a snack in the afternoon.


  • School fees: 93 euros
  • All-day care (voluntary participation) with afternoon and off-peak care: 176 euros
  • Full board for voluntary participation in full-day care (breakfast, lunch and Vespers): 120 euros

The holistic concept of the element-i schools provides for the dovetailing of school and afternoon care and thus participation in all-day operations.

Siblings receive a discount. We also award scholarships.

Admission procedure

Please register on our waiting list via TopKita using the green button below. Participation in a parent information event is mandatory for admission to our school. You will receive all further information on the admission process at the parents’ information event.

Parent information event

Are you interested in our school? Then register here for the upcoming information evening.