element-i in schools

In schools children learn more than the state curriculum requires. Its during this life phase that the foundations for our future life are laid, which is why it is so important to choose the right school for a child.

element-i institutions redefine the concept of a school. Applying the same successful basic concept of element-i that is employed in our child care centres, we aim to provide children with the same care and support beyond child care. In addition to our two primary schools there is now also our first element-i community school in Karlsruhe.

What defines element-i schools?

element-i schools are independent, state-approved, bilingual, geared towards full-time activities and focus on STEM subjects. Our independent schools offer children the opportunity to develop individually and at their own pace. Lessons are held for multiple age groups, which encourages students to learn from one another. We are breaking down old structures to facilitate a dynamic approach to education.

Our educators provide the framework for activity and interest-centric learning – this means that the ability of the students to play a role in deciding how learning is approached is firmly integrated into the daily routine. This encourages a natural curiosity and provides children with the opportunity to develop their independence. Students learn, explore and discover full-time in our element-i schools. On the one hand in order to enable parents to better coordinate family and professional life and secondly, to ensure that educators and students have time for and with one another.

Because our schools are state-approved, it is possible to switch to a state school at any time.

What is learned in element-i schools?

The element-i educational concept encourages diversity in learning. Bilingual lessons encourage an early intercultural openness. Our primary schools are also focused on STEM subjects. With subjects such as mathematics, IT, sciences and technology, we aim to help students understand their environment. That being said, we don’t neglect subjects such as art and music. Each child is provided with support to discover their interests and talents.

How do students learn in element-i schools?

Students aren’t expected to adapt to the school – rather, the school adapts to the students. However, there are firm guidelines that provide focus. 

During the weekly curriculum meeting the educators and students jointly define the individual goals for the coming week. During the daily learning meetings, decisions are made as to what the children will be learning from whom. A learning map provides guidance in achieving learning objectives. Individual subjects are displayed as continents, while the countries represent learning objectives. Each child’s educational progress is recorded in a passport.

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