element-i’s child care institutions and schools are fortunate to be able to count on a number of valuable partners. Here is an overview of these partners and what they offer.

element-i Bildungsstiftung

The element-i Bildungsstiftung has worked closely with the element-i child care institutions and primary schools since it was founded. It initiates projects that aim to provide children with inspiration outside of the school environment, ensuring that children not only have fun but also benefit educationally. Children have the opportunity to discover their talents and interests under their own steam and can develop without unnecessary restrictions.

element-i STEM initiative

element-i’s STEM initiative “element-i macht MINT” aims to support children’s natural curiosity by encouraging them to discover science-related topics through fun and enjoyable methods. Qualified specialists in scientific fields looking for a change in career are also encouraged to consider a career in child care. Once such specialists receive the requisite educational qualifications, they have the opportunity to introduce children to their particular scientific discipline. Another of the initiative’s key activities is the “Tüftler- und Forscherinnen-Tag” (Tinkerer’s and Researcher’s Day), on which children aged 4 to 7 can get a sense of STEM-related professions at cooperating business.

element-i art initiative

The second important initiative encourages cultural education among the children. Career changers formerly in fields related to art and music are also employed in the child care centres. On the “Kinder-Kunst-Tag” (Children’s art day), art and cultural institutions invite the children to gain an insight and indulge their own artistic inclinations.

Visit the website of the element-i Bildungsstiftung here.

FDFP – Freie Duale Fachakademie für Pädagogik

The FDFP – Freie Duale Fachakademie für Pädagogik, an independent teacher training academy, provides training for educators to state-approved level. At two of the sites (Stuttgart and Karlsruhe), the teacher training academy also trains career changers from non-educational sectors to become qualified specialists.

The social pedagogy training course, which incorporates practical experience, enables students to operate in accordance with established educational principles in a day care environment and provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to organise education processes in all fields. Students are provided with the opportunity to gather practical experience in a social institution.

Training at the Academy for Youth Education and Foster Care (Fachschule für Jugend- und Heimerziehung, JuHe) provides students with the qualifications needed to work independently in educational child welfare institutions such as after-school activity centres, youth clubs and shared homes.

Educators are currently and will continue to be highly sought after on the job market. Graduates also have an excellent chance of being offered employment at the relevant institution.

Visit the website of the FDFP here.

Association for Diversity in Sport and Culture (Vielfalt in Sport und Kultur e.V. - VSK)

Their natural curiosity drives children to want to discover the world’s diversity. This is why the Association for Diversity in Sport and Culture (Vielfalt in Sport und Kultur e.V. – VSK) was launched. Its purpose is to offer children an extensive range of sporting and cultural activities, for which partnerships with various institutions are established and specialists from a range of professional backgrounds are employed.


Because exercise is essential for the healthy development of children, the VSK has taken it upon itself to create an extensive range of sporting activities that are healthy, fun and suitable for everyday practice. The VSK is integrated into the everyday life of element-i schools and child care centres. This allows children to learn motor skills, boost their self-esteem and come to know themselves. Outside of the child care centres and schools, the VSK offers health-centric sporting activities for children of all ages and cooperates with the holiday workshops.


The services offered by the VSK provide children in child care centres and schools with the opportunity to be inspired by art and culture. This provides children with comprehensive learning experiences that are tailored to their development phases. Units from the fields of theatre, visual arts, music, dance, crafts, natural sciences, social sciences, languages and health are also integrated into the element-i child care centres and schools.

Following the establishment of the VSK in Stuttgart, the VSK Karlsruhe was founded with the same objective – to offer children of all ages (and also adults) an extensive range of sporting and cultural activities.

Visit the website of the VSK here.

Visit the website of the VSK Karlsruhe here.