Working at element-i

What’s so special about working with us?

If you ask our staff this question, you’ll get a very straight answer – our element-i educational philosophy is what makes it a special place to work. We operate on the assumption that each and every person wants to learn and make a difference. Each and every person is also an individual – in terms of their abilities, their interests, and their needs. We follow these principles in our element-i institutions with children of all ages. They also form the basis of how we engage with our staff. A human perspective based on element-i ensures that staff are happy and motivated, that they give their best every day, and that they are driven by success. This is why it is especially important for the work and personal environment to be just right. Attractive benefits await you.

It’s all about me

Our company culture is defined by openness and diversity – just like our element-i educational philosophy. In keeping with our motto “it’s all about me”, our educational philosophy and corporate culture are brought to life by the people who represent these principles. We are a family company, founded around 30 years ago, that has grown and prospered thanks to the personal investment of effort of everyone involved. We are a sociable crowd and like to celebrate special occasions.

element-i Es kommt auf mich an

Men at element-i

The child care industry is considered to be dominated by women – a trend that we aim to break. This is why we actively encourage more men to enter this profession.
Find out in the video how men view working as child carers at element-i and what they take home from their day-to-day work with children.
If you aren’t yet qualified as a child carer, the Freie Duale Fachakademie für Pädagogik, an independent teacher training academy that adopts a two-pronged work/study system, is just the place for you!


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Diversity as we live and love it

Life is as diverse as our staff, which is why we also welcome people looking for a change of career in our element-i child care facilities and element-i schools. Specially developed qualification schemes allow us to create multi-profession teams that offer genuine added value. This enriches both the everyday work of our staff and the daily experiences of the children that we serve.