The element-i Kinderhaus Technilinos will be opening soon in the Technology Park Karlsruhe. In the future, about 60 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years will be cared for in kindergarten and nursery.

The child care center is housed in a modern office complex in the Technology Park Karlsruhe. The premises are currently being renovated and better adapted to the concept of element-i. All rooms are friendly, bright and spacious. In attractive functional areas you have the opportunity to gain experience and to choose between different activities.

Through a close cooperation with the SSC Karlsruhe and the Fächerbad Karlsruhe, the children are particularly promoted in the field of movement. An attractive range of movement also contributes to this.

The cook is an important team member, as he does not only prepare breakfast, lunch, and vespers every day, but also involves the children in his daily work through conversation about diet and cooking.

Registrations are already being accepted for interested parents.