Being an education professional in an element-i institution means providing children a context in which they can apply their natural curiosity to discover the world independently. What else does it mean?



Career prospects at element-i

For our independent element-i child care centres and schools in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Munich and Friedrichshafen we are seeking dedicated education professionals at pre-school, primary school and secondary school levels . The element-i educational concept is applied in all facilities.

In addition to the position as a conventional educator we also offer vacancies for team leaders, assistants, bilingual educators and more. We also seek to support new generations of professionals and are always on the look-out for students in vocational education, university students and students in dual work/study courses.

Outside of educational activities, we also offer opportunities in fields such as marketing, IT, facility management and organisation.

If you feel the need to apply your own ideas and thoughts and care about the future of children, this is the right place for you! Find your perfect job here!

Further training

Konzept-e Academy

The Konzept-e Academy offers a diverse range of further training opportunities based on the element-i educational concept. The professional seminars and workshops are based on the latest scientific knowledge. These opportunities are aimed at educators, parents and anyone else who wishes to educate themselves and expand their horizons.

The academy offers seminars, workshops and qualifications in four main areas. “Education and family” is geared mainly towards educators and parents and covers topics such as how we engage with one another in social settings and the relationship between parents and educators. The topic “Work and career” includes courses on leadership and speaking as well as stress management and personal management. “Activities and leisure” encompasses interesting opportunities to develop creatively – whether in music, art or crafts.

The field “Training” provides educational professionals with additional skills. Further qualification opportunities, career-changer courses and training courses for becoming qualified educators are offered.


The FDFP – Freie Duale Fachakademie für Pädagogik

The FDFP – Freie Duale Fachakademie für Pädagogik, an independent teacher training academy, trains students to become educators at its Stuttgart and Karlsruhe facilities. Potential students have a choice of two courses: social pedagogy and youth education & foster care (only in Stuttgart). The course content is based on an educational concept that focuses on the strengths of each individual. The academy aims to produce educators who act with an acute awareness of the responsibilities placed upon them and who are ready to make decisions and stand by these decisions.
Closely linked topical blocks that alternate between theory and practice ensure that the acquired knowledge can be directly applied, allowing it to be durably retained by the students. The course lasts for three years and is full-time. Students receive a salary throughout the entire course period.
All information on the training courses of the FDFP and the ability to apply online are provided on the academy’s website.

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