In the Dürrlewang ward of Vaihingen in Stuttgart, the children at the element-i Bärcheninsel child care centre now have a new home. The nursery and day care centre offers 120 places for children between the ages of six months and ten years.

The child care centre is in a new building and covers two storeys. It offers very bright, very large rooms that provide children with a comfortable and warm environment. The “Crawlers’ Nest” on the ground floor provides the youngest children with a protected environment to adjust to day care life. The centre also offers a mixed-age environment for children aged between around two and six as well as an after-school activity area for children up to ten years of age. In the rooms such as the Atelier, the Building Room, the Workshop, the Laboratory research room and many more, children have the opportunity to explore all of their senses and indulge their need to explore. The children also have a nice garden available to use.

A healthy diet plays an important role in element-i child care centres, and children receive complete meals made from locally-sourced ingredients, freshly prepared in the child care centre’s kitchen. The centre’s own cook ensures that the meals are prepared freshly in such a way that children can eat them without any problems, and allows the children to play a role in their preparation. This allows the children to learn from a very young age how we prepare and enjoy healthy food together.


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