Die Tüftler


55 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

Opening hours

full-day care


Gerhard-Kindler-Straße 3
72770 Reutlingen




Kind und Beruf gGmbH

The element-i child care centre Die Tüftler has been open for children aged between six months and six years since November 2013. This facility, which is open all day, is located in the Technologiepark Tübingen-Reutlingen and makes it easier to harmonise family life with work commitments.

The day care centre offers bright, modern rooms – for example the Atelier, the Exercise Room, the Crawlers’ Nest and the Role-Playing Room. Around 50 boys & girls at Die Tüftler enjoy a large outdoor area accessible via steps, care with all the necessary emotional support and an educational concept that supports children as they learn and play.

The educational staff treat the children with sincerity and warmth and pay due attention to them. They treat them as equals in showing them how exciting the world is, demonstrate trust in them to do things, provide them with motivation and support them in engaging with one another. Exciting experiments, projects, games and a diverse range of materials help to support the children and nurture their natural urge to discover. A well-structured daily routine with phases in which they are allowed to act out their impulses and play freely as well as singing and discussion groups provide the children with the ideal conditions to develop to their fullest potential.

The institution’s own cook prepares delicious meals every day from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Depending on the care model, children are provided with breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Siblings are granted a discount. The element-i child care centre Die Tüftler is available for children throughout the entire Tübingen-Reutlingen region.

The element-i pedagogy

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