120 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

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full-day care


Leobener-Straße 94
70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach




Konzept-e für Kindertagesstätten gGmbH

The establishment of the element-i child care centre Feuerland was commissioned by Robert Bosch GmbH for the children of its employees and for children from the Feuerbach ward directly adjacent to the works premises in Feuerbach, Stuttgart.

Since September 2016, the large, well-lit building has provided around 120 children aged between six months and six years with a stimulating environment thanks to the diverse themed rooms and a large garden. 100 slots are reserved for children of employees of Robert Bosch GmbH at the Feuerbach site and of its subsidiaries and shareholdings (Bosch Emission Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Bosch Rexroth AG, Bosch Battery Systems GmbH, Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co. KG, ETAS GmbH and Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH). The institution also offers 20 public care places for children from the Feuerbach ward.

A well-designed environment in the various themed rooms of the day care centre provides children with the opportunity to develop individually according to their interests and needs. Due to the close relationship with Bosch, STEM subject specialists (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) provide a thematic focus in the day care centre. The children try things out each day in the Laboratory, in the Workshop and also in the “Mud Room”, gathering important early experience in the fields of logic & mathematics, construction & engineering as well as in research & discovery. The Crawlers’ nest for example offers the ideal place of retreat for the smallest children.

The element-i child care centre Feuerland also embraces the multiculturalism of Bosch and offers children early experience with Spanish with the presence of one native speaker.

The element-i pedagogy

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