55 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

Opening hours

full-day care


Alexanderstraße 93
70182 Stuttgart




Konzept-e für Kindertagesstätten gGmbH

The element-i Kinderländle child care centre is centrally situated near Stuttgart city centre. The landmark building has been converted with a great deal of care and attention to detail into a day care centre that offers the children plenty of space to develop as well as enough opportunities to play quietly and without disruption across three floors. Since January 2011, the facility has offered space for 35 children aged six months to three years and for 20 children aged between three and six years. Parents can book care times flexibly to align their family commitments with their professional obligations.

The building is made of up themed rooms that provide the children with a cosy and warm environment thanks to the building’s traditional style. In the rooms children have the opportunity to develop freely and can indulge their interests or urge to discover in the best way possible. The children are provided with complete and healthy meals with seasonal and regional products prepared in the institution’s own kitchen.

The building also has a garden featuring many natural elements such as small stone climbing walls, unpaved paths, bushes and more to discover and experience.

The central location in the city allows the team and children to take many trips out and excursions to explore all their environment has to offer.

Place assignment
The element-i child care centre Kinderländle is available to children of employees of the judiciary, the Ministry of the Economy, the State Ministry, the Ministry of Finance and other state authorities. A small share of the places may be awarded to public applicants if otherwise unassigned.

The Kinderländle has been certified as a nutritionally conscious BeKi institution.

The element-i pedagogy

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