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Kind und Beruf gGmbH

The element-i Knax-Garten child care centre celebrated its opening in March 2013 and offers space for 35 children (15 nursery children and 20 playgroup children). The day care centre is located centrally in Arsenalplatz, in the building complex of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg.

The premises are welcoming, generously sized and well-lit, and are adapted to the needs of the children. The day care centre offers the opportunity for children of all ages to experiment, discover, explore and move around, and also provides them with places to withdraw, relax and rest. The outdoor area right next to the building provides the children with the opportunity to spend time in nature and actively experience the seasons. The children here have the opportunity to actively indulge their natural urges to discover and explore and to understand their place as a part of their environment.

The nearby municipal infrastructure is used and integrated into the daily routine of the child care centre. This way, children can discover the “natural wonders” of the city, for example in the Bärenwiese park or the Favoritepark wildlife reserve. Cultural opportunities are also made use of, with children able to visit the city’s museums and the seasonal fairs in the market square.

Native speakers of foreign languages have an important role in element-i child care centres. They provide the children with early exposure to foreign languages, which can be essential for learning languages later on. The current focus of foreign language learning at Knax-Garten is on English.

The element-i Knax-Garten child care centre is exclusively a company child care facility of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg. Registration is handled solely through the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg directly.

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