The element-i Pallassimo child care centre was opened in January 2011 and has been providing care for 20 children aged between six months and three years since then. The day care centre is located in the Pallas, the seat of the Stuttgart District Council in Vaihingen. With the substantial personal interest of district president Schmalzl, the employees of the facility were provided with better opportunities to align their family commitments with their professional obligations.

The well-lit rooms offer a diverse range of themed rooms that are important for the development of nursery-age children. The educators use materials and stimuli that are suitable for the child’s age to provide the children with the context and scope they need to develop individually. The large hallway and the exercise room provide the children with the ability to develop their motor skills and go wild.

The specially designed outdoor area, the proximity to Vaihingen Town Centre and the short distances to a number of playgrounds and green areas provide the children with a diverse range of experiences.

Place assignment
Priority is given to children of employees of the Stuttgart District Council and to other civil servants of the state of Baden-Württemberg. A small share of the places may be awarded to public applicants if otherwise unassigned.


Schockenriedstraße 7
70565 Stuttgart

Opening hours

full-day care



Supporting association

Konzept-e für Kindertagesstätten gGmbH