40 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

Opening hours

full-day care


Plieninger Straße 150
70567 Stuttgart




Konzept-e für Kindertagesstätten gGmbH

The element-i Pressekiste childcare centre opened in May 2014 is a company day care centre of the Pressehaus in Möhringen that provides child care services for employees of Südwestdeutsche Medienholding (and for independent journalists & editors working for Südwestdeutsche Medienholding). The day care centre offers 40 places for children aged between six months and six years. External children must have their primary place of residence in Stuttgart.

The day care centre’s premises offer plenty of space to allow children to develop as well as enough opportunities for lively play without disruptions. The large garden with a forest next to it is the heart of the day care centre and offers the children plenty of space and sufficient opportunities for lively and undisturbed play.

In January 2022, the element-i child care centre Pressekiste was certified for the second time as a “House of Little Researchers”. The focus of the pedagogical work is in the MINT area: the children do research and try things out regularly in the laboratory area, on the market square and outside in nature. In this way the children already gain important previous experience in the areas of logic and mathematics as well as research and discovery at daycare age. For the little ones, the nest with permanent caregivers offers an optimal retreat.

The children experience cultural diversity, among other things, through a Spanish-speaking native speaker. As a result, the children gain their first experience of a foreign language and the culture that goes with it in their everyday lives.

The centre’s own cook prepares fresh meals for the children each day.

The element-i pedagogy

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