The element-i Regenbogenhaus child care centre offers 25 places for children aged between six months and six years. All-day, half-day or flexible part-time care options are available.

Regenbogenhaus offers a very welcoming atmosphere thanks to its many small and differently designed areas. The children are provided with a diversity of stimuli, have the opportunity to engage in focused activities in small groups, while still being able to withdraw for some peace & quiet. The large garden also invites them to discover and experience nature.

The central location in Lauchhau in Stuttgart provides the children with the opportunity to experience nature in the nearby forest while also enabling trips out.

Native speakers of foreign languages have an important role in our element-i child care centres. They provide the children with early exposure to foreign languages, which can be essential for learning languages later on.

The current focus of foreign language learning at Regenbogenhaus is on English.

The element-i Regenbogenhaus child care centre is available to children throughout all of Stuttgart.


Im Lauchhau 12
70569 Stuttgart

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full-day care



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Kinder in Stuttgart gGmbH