57 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

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Niederrheinstraße 231
40474 Düsseldorf




Kind und Beruf gGmbH

The element-i Rheinpiloten child care centre, which was opened in 2012, offers 80 places for children aged between six months and six years. The day care centre is located in the Lohausen ward of Düsseldorf. All-day, half-day or flexible part-time care options are available.

The building was constructed specially for the day care centre, meaning that the rooms and areas have been designed and furnished on the basis of the latest findings of educational research to facilitate the work of the educators. The building offers many generously sized, brightly lit rooms with large windows. The various themed rooms such as the Atelier, Word Workshop, Pioneers’ Kitchen and Sensory Room provide space for each child’s individual talents.

The outdoor area with its large and natural design also allows children to discover and explore nature under their own steam. Trips out to playgrounds, fire stations, farms and building sites are also regularly planned. We have many local partnerships to expand the horizons of the children of Rheinpiloten. Rheinpiloten also maintains contact with a local physiotherapist and speech therapist and engages in regular exchanges during school/day care partnership meetings.

The element-i pedagogy

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