The element-i Steppkes child care centre, located in Stuttgart’s Engineering Park (STEP) in Vaihingen, offers excellent transport connections. This child care centre offers 150 places for children aged between six months and ten years. 100 of these places are for children of between six months and six years, who are cared for over two floors in a mixed-age environment. An independent primary school is housed on another floor, offering space for 50 children. The school works very closely with the child care centre for educational and organisational purposes.

The numerous well-lit rooms offer enough space for the differently themed areas. In the stimulating garden area with its diverse range of opportunities for play, children are encouraged to engage with nature and move about in ways that interest them.

All-day opening hours and the ability to book care times flexibly provide parents with the planning freedom they need to harmonise family life with professional obligations. The institution’s own cook prepares delicious meals every day from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Depending on the care model, children are provided with breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.