65 places for children
aged from 6 months to 6 years

Opening hours



Weberstr. 1
73054 Eislingen/Fils




Erziehung und Beruf gGmbH

The element-i “Wunderkiste” children’s house accommodates 65 children in four groups. For the under three-year-old age group, there will be ten full-day places and ten places with extended opening hours. For children older than three years, there are 20 full-day places and 25 places with extended opening hours. The two-story building is located on Weberstraße, right next to the Luther Church.

The architecture of the house is tailored to the element-i pedagogy. Large windows let in plenty of light into the high-ceilinged rooms. In furnishing and play equipment, we focus on the needs of the children and primarily use natural materials such as wood. The 585 square meter outdoor area offers many opportunities to promote children’s movement and encourage them to explore and discover nature.

The food will be freshly prepared daily in the in-house kitchen. We exclusively use high-quality, and whenever possible, regional and seasonal products. Depending on the care model, the children will receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Registrations are now possible via the overview map (eislingen.de).

Our element-i Pedagogy

The “i” in element-i stands for our fundamental understanding of education and upbringing: individual, interest-oriented, and interactive. We aim to educate children to become self-confident, responsible, and strong individuals who reflect on themselves and the world around them and take responsibility for their actions. You can find the entire concept for download as a PDF below, with further information available here.

The element-i pedagogy