“Education needs to deal with the fact that children will find themselves.” – Ludwig Liegle. Find out what education means for us and which goals the element-i educational philosophy pursues.

The element-i concept serves as the basis of our approach to teaching in day care centres and schools. All of our carers and teachers are trained from the outset in the specifics of the concept so that they can apply the values of the element-i philosophy to their day-to-day work with children.

The element-i concept encompasses all material aspects of educational theory and addresses questions such as: What do we understand children’s education to mean? How do we perceive education in general? How do we ensure that each individual child can develop into an inwardly independent individual even in such a complex society? How do educators ensure that they can be a good partner to the child as they develop in this way? What role can play have in this process? What role can nature, exercise, nutrition and experience with all of our senses play? This page illustrates the element-i concept in English as well as other languages.