Gemeinschaftsschule im Bildungshaus Technido

The element-i Bildungshaus Technido comprehensive education centre featuring a day care centre and primary school has been in place for over ten years in the Technology Park Karlsruhe (TPK) and was expanded in September 2017 to include a community school. Upper secondary education is to be offered later. At the element-i Bildungshaus Technido we enable learning until Abitur level (university qualification examination level) in accordance with the element-i mission, which sets great value on individuality, personal interests and a sense of community. We ensure continuity with care times from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, closing for only 23 days a year and helping parents to align their family commitments with their professional obligations.

A cook in the school prepares fresh meals each day with local ingredients. Students at the all-day school enjoy a breakfast buffet in the mornings, a warm lunch at midday and a snack in the afternoon.

At a glance:

  • Day care centre, primary school, community school with plans to integrate upper secondary education in a building with a consistent educational philosophy based on the element-i concept
  • Focus subjects are: STEM subjects as well as continuous bilingual teaching (trilingual teaching in secondary education)
  • All-day school service (7:30 am – 6:00 pm) available with full meals, closed for only 23 days a year
  • Adjacent sports grounds, sports halls and a swimming pool

The Technido Community School is state-approved.

Planned new building

A new building to serve as an extension to the existing Bildungshaus is currently under construction on a 6,850 m² property in Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 11–13 at the northeastern edge of the Technology Park Karlsruhe (TPK). The new building offers space to enable the realisation of innovative education concepts. There will also be a large school yard, a canteen and, in partnership with sports club SSC Karlsruhe, a three-field sports hall directly nearby. On the premises of the SSC in the Traugott-Bender Sports Park there are already sports fields, sports halls and a swimming pool available for use.

The new building will host a child care centre, primary school, community school and an educator professional school from the 2019/2020 school year. A school for upper secondary education is planned at a later stage. The day care centre has capacity for 120 children. The primary school has space for 150 students, while the community school can support 300 students and the educator professional school (later the upper secondary school) will support 100. In total, this means that 670 children can receive care or education under the roof of the Bildungshaus.
Find out more about our new development here


The fees for the school come to € 160.00. For full meals (breakfast, lunch and snack), we bill an additional € 115.00 upon booking and costs for the after-school activity centre amount to € 168.00. Siblings receive a discount. We also award scholarships.

From the school year 2019/20 the student contribution of € 160 will be reduced by € 64 due to a new additional government subsidy.


You can register your child for the element-i community school here. There is a waiting list.